Comic check-in

Joseph Brewers

I plan on making a comic that will target parents who are new to technology and social networking. My plan is to show parents how far technology has advanced since they were in college.
The first panel will be a male college student using his Iphone to post tweets on twitter. Following this panel will be the student talking about how a famous celebrity who just posted a funny tweet.
Next his mother and father will come into the picture and give him a hard time about wasting his time on Twitter, in the same panel he will show them via his Iphone a celebrity whom his parents love that uses twitter.
The following panel will display his parents sitting in bed thinking about purchasing Iphone’s. Than the final panel will have his parents walking into the room going ecstatic while showing their son a tweet on their Iphone’s from their favorite celebrity.
This is a vague idea of what I want to do because I think it will be hard to make a comic like this without any dialogue. I will let you know if I change my comic via email.


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