Solo Treatment (final draft)

October, 2010

Elkhart, Indiana.
Catholic Church.
Sunday afternoon mass.

A crucifix hangs at the back of the church. You see the church audience come into view. The preacher begins his sermon behind his podium. He speaks of death in the bible.

One man comes into view. This man is white and looks about 40. We see him wearing all black and he has several scars on his face. They see him quietly reading a Bible while a young 20-year old is sitting next to him texting.

Among leaving the church the man in all black, known as DEATH follows this 20-year-old home.

We see the 20-year-old in his room through the window at his beautiful home an hour later. A black flash occurs and the house loses power. A shadowy figure flies up and through the window, simply touches the boy and he falls to the ground, dead.

Ambulances appear once the power is restored. The boy is called dead due to an intense heart attack.

We now see the boy’s grave. Death stands in front of it and summons the boy out of the grave still dead. Another black flash than occurs.

Death now stands with the boy in an all white room a voice appears and then a light. This light and voice is GOD. Death gives the boy over to god.

A flashback occurs of Death 600 years previous to the present. Death is just a normal person living among everyone else with no powers to instantly kill.

Death is shown burning down a catholic church in a small New England town with one other man. This other man is SATAN.

Inside the church the next holy prophet lays as an infant. Satan talks death into assisting him by telling death that the man who raped in killed his wife is in there. Death complies and burns down the church.

We than see the church burn down and out of the flames appears God. The prophet is dead and Satan flees in a quick flame. Death must face god. God makes a deal with death.

Now we see God giving death powers and telling him that if he serves as death until the new prophet comes he will be absolved of his sins and will live an eternal life as a human.

They now see the all white room once again. God takes the boy from death and makes a judgment and sends the boy to purgatory.

Death asks for his release from his everlasting job, and is denied. We see god tell Death he still has failed to recognize his true job and realize why he was wrong for burning the church.

Death goes back down to earth and runs into his old friend Satan. We see them begin to kill. A flashback than occurs where god is telling Death he can only kill when the time is right for the person to die.

Death and satan’s power is too strong together and god fails to stop them on earth.

Death conceives a child with a sinful woman and creates the anti-christ.

We see the anti-christ take over the world and make everyone his slave. God’s plan to use a sinner as an asset completely back fires and leads to an all new revelation, ending the world.


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