Story Ideas (2nd Set)

14. Equator comes out of the water and creates an actual barrier in the world.
15. Death is a real person who lives among humans.
16. Techno music leads to a techno homicide cult.
17. The media is no longer allowed to cover sports.
18. a fax machine changes the documents to pornography every time someone tries to fax something.
19. The four major networks combine to make an ultimate network (FoxCNABC)
20. The 2024 United States presidential election is won by a former Iranian soldier.
21. Spanish becomes the number one language in the US
22. All drugs are legalized in Texas.
23. The sun is moving farther away from the earth.
24. A black and white film about a guy addicted to LSD
25. Any type of job is giving to citizens no matter what type of education they have.
26. A preacher is having sexual relations with the parish nun’s.
27. An app is made for the iphone that automatically gives someone cancer when used.
28. The ice melts on a hockey rink while the game is going on.
29. All of the Big Ten school’s become Ivy League school’s
30. Twitter president uses Twitter to hypnotize people.
31. Spain becomes the most obese country in the world.
32. A documentary on the life of a serial killer.
33. Television is never invented
34. Prohibition is put back into affect.
35. The drinking age in the U.S. changes to 16
36. Everyone finds out college sports are staged.
37. Men can get pregnant
38. Family kills murderers who attempted to kill them.
39. Explorer finds traces of Adam and Eve’s DNA
40. Bloomington is hit by a massive earthquake.
41. Fantasy football begins getting more coverage than the NFL.
42. Every firework that goes off leads to 8 inches of the polar ice caps melting.
43. A band makes it huge with no singing or instruments.
44. Fire Departments are cut out of every state’s budget.
45. ESPN becomes the number 1 news outlet for everything.
46. Guy wakes up and is trapped in a freezer.
47. Venus turns out to be livable for humans.
48. There is no calender ever created to follow.
49. Africa starts a war with France, that eventually leads to World War III.
50. Canada becomes a Communist country
51. US citizens start getting caught for sneaking into the Mexican drug war.
52. Teleportation is invented to prevent drunk driving.
53. Professional athletes are allowed to take steroids.
54. Woman are secretly being fixed to only have female children.
55. The Bible everyone uses now is actually a fake, and a man goes on a quest to find the real one.
56. A student group breaks into the registrar and gives all the seniors straight A’s.
57. A bomb separates the U.S. and a civil war ensues.
58. A Mexican gangster changes his lifestyle to become a hair stylist.
59. Sarah Palin turns out to be an alien with the cure to cancer.
60. Documentary on the lifespan of AOL
61. An In-game, in-helmet camera films a football player throughout an entire game.
62. An amateur camera man is filmed while filming the best movie of all time.
63. Live movies become the new way to make films.
64. Everyone is born with 20/20 vision.
65. All rappers are arrested every time they use violent language.
66. 12 year old kids start a successful meth lab.
67. IU starts an engineering school that is immediately better than Purdue’s.
68. A Taliban member and a U.S. soldier must escape a tight situation together.
69. An old lady robs everyone on a subway.
70. White people are not allowed to buy cell phones.


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