Flash Fiction Final Draft

The Key is Inside

The year is 2754 and aliens cover the earth. Only 15 humans remain, and no wild life or means of food have survived.

The only way humans can survive is by eating these savage beasts.

What the humans are not aware of is the plasma in the alien’s blood is the key to the ruling the galaxy.

This is the final scene of the film when the aliens are preparing to destroy earth... I used google images shot of earth to begin my drawing, and than added the beam cannon of the alien ship.


A sleek reporter goes undercover to cover an epidemic that is harming North Korean livestock and agriculture.

While covering the story he discovers a Soviet official is behind the scheme

The official finds out the reporter knows and locks him in a freezer at his Russian compound.

With nothing but his clothes the reporter escapes.

This is the scene when the Russian henchman is closing the reporter in the freezer... I used my room door as the freezer door, and than just added the handle to make it look like a freezer. I also added the reporter and henchman into the sketch.

The Real Reason

All white family of 4 moves into a misty seaside town in Maine.

The father is a preacher that gives the town hope to prosper faithfully.

He is the talk of the town, and he becomes nationally recognized.

It is revealed that he is gay and in love with his number one follower.

This is a scene when the preacher is caught winking at his lover in the church during a ceremony... I drew the altar at my church as well as the backdrop. I added the preacher.


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